Best Eheim Canister Filter Reviews 2021

If you are fond of keeping an aquarium and fish tank at home, then you might be aware of the Eheim Canister Filter. These filters help you and give you ease in several ways.

In today’s world, every person loves to keep them either at home or at the office due to the various benefits it provides. It is one of the biggest stress buster on which you might agree.

There are various Canister filters that you may purchase for your aquarium or fish ranks to give your fishes the best environment.

In this article, I am going to cover the Best Eheim Canister filters so that you may try it at least once. If you are in doubt of purchasing the Canister filter for the aquarium, then you are in the right place.

What is Canister Filter

Before moving to the actual topic, let’s talk about the Canister filters. It is a screen used for the protection of fishes. It placed on the aquarium that helps you in maintaining the fish rank.

The Canister filter protects the fishes against chemicals, wastes, or any bacteria. It keeps the water neat, tidy, and germs free.

Keeping the aquarium germs free is not an easy rake, its time consuming and you need to care for a lot of things, yet the Canister filter makes it easy for you.

The various medias attached to it helps you in cleaning the aquarium within no time. It is comparatively expensive, yet it comes with multiple benefits and properties. Canister filters vary with size and shape according to your aquarium.

Eheim Canister Filters

Let’s talk about one of the Canister filters that I am recommending to you in this article. After reading about it, you might want to purchase it for once. Let’s talk about it in detail.

The Eheim Canister filter is one of the widely purchased and recommended canister filters that gîves you comfort and assist you in multiple ways.

It has numerous benefits that make it worth buying and worth using. There are various Eheim Canister filters, and you may purchase according to the size, shape of your aquarium or a fish tank.

The Eheim Canister filters usually made in China like every other canister filter, yet The Eheim Pro 3 not made in China.

It is quite easy to install this filter in your aquarium, and it works in the best way. Now let’s talk about every detail of this amazing and fantastic Eheim Canister filter.

Best Products of Eheim Canister Filter

To elaborate it more, I am going to mention a few products of Eheim Canîster Filter that might motivate you to purchase any of them at least once. Let’s talk about them in detail.

1- Eheim Classic Filter

Let me start with one of its incredible and Highly used products that is Eheim Classic filter. If you are not aware of this fantastic filter, then let me tell you everything in detail.

The Eheim Classic filter comes in various sizes and various shapes. You may choose according to the size and shape of your aquarium or a fish tank.

The Eheim Classic filter made of durable plastic and has a long time duration. It is considered one of the most loved Eheim filters that widely used. It comprises of multiple features and pros that make it worth applauding.

Features of Eheim Classic Filter

Let’s proceed by describing the various advantages and features of this fantastic Canister filter. The advantages incorporates

  • The Eheim classic filter comprises multiple filter medias incorporating spray bar, hose, and all the installation accessories. By using the media, it helps a lot in protecting the aquarium from germs, waste, and chemicals.
  • The Permo-elastic silicon sealing ring has been attached to the pump head or motor that helps a lot to clean the aquarium thoroughly. It gives you comfort in making the aquarium germs free.
  • During the filtration, it doesn’t create any noise. It can operate silently without bothering anyone that is one of the worth purchasing features of Eheim Classic filter.
  • If you have ever tested it, then you might know it made of the best quality. You will never face any leakage issue due to the best quality plastic. Due to which it has a long time duration.
  • To purchase any filter, one should concern about the flow rate of the screen. The maximum flow rate results in the best performance. The Eheim Classic filter has the best flow rate due to which it gives the best performance.

To check the price of this fantastic product, I am going to mention a link from which you may check the rates. The prices vary with the size of the Eheim Classic filter.

2- Eheim Professional 4+ Canister Filter

Have you ever experience this best Eheim external filter? It gives the best results when used for your aquarium or a fish tank.

It serves numerous benefits and is one of the popular Eheim Canister filters. There are three sizes accessible for aquariums up to 250, 350 and 600 litres.

The models 250 and 350 are likewise accessible with a coordinated radiator as a Thermo channel (T). Moreover, professional 350e can electronically control from a PC.

It gives additional accessories for your aquariums that assist in maintaining the aquarium and make it germ-free.

Features of Eheim Professional 4+ Canister Filter

Let’s proceed by describing the various advantages and features of this fantastic Canister filter. It incorporates

  • Eheim professional performs the Extra control work (Xtender) to check that either any media is blocked or not and expand interims between cleaning and neatness.
  • It gives you the guarantee of best and high performance, and you will never face any leakage or brokerage issue. It guarantees for a longer duration.
  • The Eheim Professional 4+ made of sturdy plastic and has an adjustable flow rate.
  • It provides additional filter baskets that help in the maintenance and cleanliness of the aquarium or a fish tank.
  • The filter doesn’t consume much electricity, so you don’t need to worry about the electricity bill.

To check the cost of this fantastic product, I am going to give a link from which you may check the rates. The prices vary with the size of the Eheim Professional 4+ Canister filter.

3- Eheim Ecco Pro

The Eheim Ecco Pro comprises of various models and sizes. You may choose any of the products according to the size and shape of your aquarium and fish tank.

The Eheim Ecco Pro is one of the most energy-efficient filters in the market that consumes only 5 watts while pumping 600l/h, and 8 watts at 750 l/h.

When we talk about the manufacturing of Eheim Ecco Pro, then it made of durable plastic, so the fear of leakage issues or any other issue is impossible.

Despite unlimited benefits, it is cheap to purchase. You may enjoy its properties at a low cost which is pretty amazing.

Features of Eheim Ecco Pro

Let’s proceed by describing the various advantages and features of this fantastic Canister filter. It incorporates

  • It doesn’t create any noise during the filtration or pumping process. The Eheim Pro is wholly and doesn’t bother anyone that is one of the positive points of Ecco Pro.
  • Ecco Pro has a multi-utilitarian handle, and its utilization differs relying upon its position. It very well may be utilized as a switch to open and close the cover, as groundwork and as a conveying handle.
  • Once you have purchased this filter, it is effortless to set up. It doesn’t require any hard work and effort.
  • It doesn’t cost expensive. You can purchase this fantastic and useful Ecco Pro at a cheap rate from the nearby store.
  • The Eheim Ecco Pro has the best flow rate, and if the flow rate is maximum, that means it works efficiently.

To check the cost of this fantastic product, I am going to give a link from which you may check the rates. The prices vary with the size of the Eheim Ecco Pro.

4- Eheim Professional 4e

It covers the numerous points of interest of the expert three arrangement – fantastic execution, ideal vitality productivity, moderate activity, preparing help, security hose connector – however it has additionally improved the innovation by fusing the new ‘Xtender’ button.

It comes in various sizes, and each size comprises of multiple benefits. You may choose any size or any model of Eheim Professional 4e+ according to your requirements.

Features of Eheim Professional 4e

The features or advantages of Eheim Professional 4e incorporate.

  • It works most efficiently and quietly operates. It doesn’t create any noise during the filtration process.
  • The Eheim professional gives you ease and comfort by maintaining the aquarium. The Eheim Professional 4e+ keeps the fish tank neat and clean.
  • It comes in various sizes and has a high flow rate. The top or maximum flow rate makes the canister filter worth using and worth purchasing.
  • The Eheim Professional 4e+ made of sturdy plastic, so you will never complain about the leakage issue.
  • The Eheim Professional 4e+ doesn’t consume much electricity, so you don’t need to worry about the electricity bill.

Advantages of Eheim Canister Filters

Let’s Talk About All the Benefits and Merits of Eheim Canister Filter that Why It’s Recommendable and Should use to filter the Aquariums. The advantages incorporates.

  • It is considered one of the reliable and powerful canister filters that work most appropriately. Many purchasers give it the title of highly recommended cleaners.
  • When we talk about the material of this canister filter, then it made of strong plastic. There can’t be any chance of leakage that makes its lifetime duration long. Yes, once you purchase it, you can get benefit from it for a long time.
  • As we all know that Canister filters are comparatively expensive as compared to simple filters. Yet, you will amaze that despite its unlimited benefits, it is cheap and easy to purchase. You can get endless benefits at an affordable rate. Isn’t it pretty amazing?
  • The filtration system of the Eheim Canister filter is best. It consists of multiple media that helps to maintain the aquarium. It gives you comfort and ease, and you can easily provide your fishes with a comfy and healthy environment.
  • Once you purchase the aquarium now, many people might be afraid that it consumes a lot of energy. However, one of the best things about the Eheim Canister filter is it doesn’t consume much electricity. You don’t need to worry about the electricity bill.
  • Apart from all the benefits, the one thing that makes it worth buying is the flow rate. The Eheim Canister filter can adjust with the higher or lower flow of water that comes with a pray bar that offers complete control and customization.

Disadvantages of Eheim Canister Filters

We should not always look at the bright side. We all know that where there are merits, there will be demerits too. Now let’s talk about a few disadvantages of the Eheim Canister filter that you all should know. It includes.

  • No doubt, this filter comes with multiple features and benefits, yet it doesn’t have any prime button. It means that the filtration is done manually. This loophole might let you think for once.
  • One of the most significant disadvantages is it doesn’t have media trays like other top leading canister brands. During the time of maintenance, you might need to deal with the mess that it will create.

These are a few cons that this canister filter filters. Yet its amazing features and advantages cover these disadvantages in the right way.

Types of Filtration

Let’s talk about the filtration process of the Eheim Canister filter in detail. The filtration process consists of Chemical, Biological, and Mechanical media. Let’s Proceed.

1- The Mechanical Filteration of Eheim Canister Filter

I am going to explain the mechanical process of Eheim Filter. The piece of mechanical filtration finished by the assistance and utilization of the pre-separating Mechanical media by Eheim.

The mechanical filtration incorporates the use of channel cushions. These channel cushions intended to fit the circle, which is mainly the part of every Canister filter.

The mechanical filtration of the Eheim significant 150/250/350/600 canisters channel made so that it removes all the foulness and earth particles created by the fishes and other aquatic creatures of your aquarium and this thing go to the base.

The mechanical filtration removes all the dirt, and it is long-lasting. It removes all the dirt and particles thoroughly.

2- The Biological Filteration of Eheim Canister Filter

The organic filtration of the Eheim canister channel is finished by the substrate, which, if there should be an occurrence of this canister-type channel, is the Substrate master rendition.

This sort of substrate incorporates the utilization of clay and Ceramite rings, which goes about as organic channel media. In various canister channels, these are somewhat better when contrasted with the exemplary variations.

It comprises of Centered glass that removes the small pieces of dirt from the aquarium and makes it the right place for the fishes or aquatic pets. It helps a lot to keep the aquarium dirt free.

3- The Chemical Filteration of Eheim Filteration Media

Now comes the process of chemical filtration. The chemical filtration of Eheim filtration performed with the help of a Carbon pad.

With the help of a carbon pad, all the dirt, waste, and tiny particles removed from the aquarium or a fish tank. It makes the rank germs free and dust-free. It plays an important role in the protection of aquatic pets.

When your carbon pad gets damaged or dirty, then you may change it. Otherwise, it will no longer be effective in cleaning the aquarium.

Why Buy Eheim Canister Filter

Various features depict the importance of the Eheim Canister filter that can’t be neglected. I am going to mention a few points that make it worth using.

If you have ever used this filter, then you might know its importance. It comes with additional accessories, including Canister Chamber, Spray Bar, and few others.

The motor or a pump attached to this filter made of sturdy plastic; that’s why it has a long duration of life.

Many brands use cheap plastic due to which they need to buy a new motor after a short time. In the Eheim Canister filter, you don’t need to worry about manufacturing.

The drawback that you have to face is the absence of media trays, yet it doesn’t affect the filtration process. You can fit any media in the aquarium according to the requirement.

It is one of the highly used Canister filters and has been reviewed positively every time. You will never face the leakage issue because it made of hard plastic that protects the screen in the best possible way.

Eheim is one of the best brands that form various canister filters in multiples sizes and shapes. You may choose any of the screens according to your requirements and size of the fish tank.

How to Choose the Right Eheim Filter

If you are planning to purchase this fantastic Eheim Canister filter, then let me tell you a few things that are necessary to consider before choosing the right Eheim Filter.

1- Size of Tank

The size of your tank matters a lot. It said that if the format is more prominent, it will work in the best way. Fortunately, each channel appraised for a specific estimated tank.

You can discover frameworks evaluated for 40 gallons, for example, Eheim 2211 as far as possible up to frames which suggested for 300 gallons, for instance, Eheim 2260.

If the framework is simple, then it would be the best decision on the off chance that you don’t have a lot of time to devote to the maintenance of the tank or aquarium.

2- Process of Filteration

The next thing that is important to consider is the filtration process or types of filtration. Various types of filtration needed to keep the tank neat and clean, including Biological, Mechanical and chemical.

One of the best things about the Eheim Canister filter is that it offers all the three types of the filtration processes in the canister filters.

When all the three filtration processes combined, then it gives the best result. It is essential to have all the three process because it helps to maintain the aquarium and make it germs free.

3- Level of Stocks

The last but not the least thing that needs to consider the Stocking level. You need to check how many aquatic pets can place in the aquarium. If space is more, then it requires more filtration process.

Overloaded tanks will in general produce increasingly natural trash, from fish rubbish to uneaten nourishment, so your channel must have the option to stay aware of this sort of mechanical filtration evacuating all the essential results.

How to Maintain Eheim Canister Filter

A few steps that cover the maintenance of the Eheim Canister filter incorporates

  • The media used for the cleanliness and neatness of the aquarium should replace after every six weeks. If you keep on using it, then it will stop working efficiently.
  • The pipes present in the aquarium should clean more often. If you ever heard the noise of water or any unique sound, then it means there is some blockage issue that needs to recover. As it doesn’t create any noise, so if you ever heard, then it requires maintenance.
  • If you keep on using the filtration media, then don’t forget to clean it after every six weeks thoroughly. Apart from that, it is good to replace it. It will work in the best way.

Faqs ( Frequently Asked Questions)

How does Eheim Canister Filter work?

The Eheim canister filter comprises of intake tube that removes every bacteria, waste, and germs from the water present in the aquarium.

The water runs through the filter media, and filter media makes the water germs free and chemical-free. In this way, it keeps the aquarium neat and clean without any effort.

Where are Eheim canister Filters made?

Almost every canister filter made in China, and so does the Eheim Canister filter. However, Eheim Pro 3 doesn’t make it in China.

How often should the media of the canister filter change?

There is a time duration of every canister filter media. The filter media are incorporating chemical, Biological, and mechanical needs to change within the time duration. Otherwise, it can occur issues and will stop working effectively.

Why does the Pump head become warm?

If the pump head becomes warm, then it is nothing unusual. It usually occurs during the operation impeller gets and remains calm. It is essential for cleanliness and neatness.


If you are looking for the best canister filter for the aquarium, then I have mentioned one of the highly recommended and fantastic canister filters in the above-mentioned articles.

This article covers every detail about the Eheim Canister filter to clear your doubts and questions regarding it.

If you are fond of aquatic pets or fishes and love to keep them at home or in the office, then you should concern about their neatness and cleanliness.

It can only happen by placing the best canister filter on your aquarium or a fish tank. I hope this article will help you enough to clear your doubts related to canister filters, and you will find it useful and informative.

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