Best Fish Tank Pumps Review – Quietest Aquarium Air Pumps

When you buy yourself a new aquarium it usually comes in a package where you get most of the requirements like a filter and etc. Not all packages include fish tank pumps so that is one thing you will need to purchase.

So, the question that comes up is ‘is it important to purchase a fish tank pump?’ The answer is No! It is not necessary to purchase one if you have a filter, but there are many benefits to getting one. Fish tank pumps have a very aesthetic look as they also make bubbles in water also giving the water motion.

That is not all though, these pumps also have a practical use. They also take oxygen from the air and transfer it to the water. This gives the fishes oxygen to ‘breathe’.

Best Fish Tank Pumps Review – Quietest Aquarium Air Pumps

Air pumps greatly increase the exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen in the water of the tank, which is imperative for the fish’s getting fresh air. There are also certain aquarium filters that work only with air pumps and then you will need one for your filter.

Some air pumps can be made to produce protein skimming bubbles. This is so the foam that is formed can get rid of the organic waste and protein that gets to the top of the water.

What to Look for in the Best Air Pump for Aquariums?

Are you on the lookout for a fish tank pump? We’re here to help. We will begin by first telling you all the requirements to look for in your fish tank pump. Next, we will recommend some that are out there, alongside that we will give an aquarium pump review.

Although there are many different kinds of air pumps out there, our focus will be on the silent air pump. We’ll try to find the quietest aquarium air pumps that give the best bang for your buck.

The qualities the best fish tank pumps should give include; The amount of use you will need out of your air pump will determine the size of the fish tank pump you should get.

If you have a large fish tank the best fish tank pumps will be larger ones and the same for smaller fish tanks. Next, the height of the tank is important, the length of your pump should be a fair bit longer than your tank.

Next, you should get a tank that offers a high and adjustable flow control. Usually, different air tubing will help adjust the flow control of the fish tank pump.

1. Tetra Whisper –  Easy to Use Air Pump


  • Efficient and easy to use
  • Simple yet aesthetically pleasing look

Customer Satisfaction

The customers are highly satisfied with the product. Everyone enjoys its use for small tanks, especially given the low cost of the product. However, one complaint coming from the customers was that it begins producing more noise with more usage.

Tetra Whisper Air Pump – Easy to Use Air Pump

The pump is not affected and it still works just as well but it starts to make noise. People, however, were disappointed at how they did not have different tubes provided with it and wanted that.


It is a cost-effective option that is just as good. It is easy to set up in your tank. They provide many different varieties of sizes which also vary in price, this way you can get one that meets your needs for the appropriate price.


It only remains a silent aquarium air pump for a short time. They do not have tubing but do come with a single air valve. Hence, the airflow is not adjustable.

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2. Fulva Q1 Air Pump


  • Adjustable airflow
  • Powerful pump
  • Thick outer covering makes it quieter
  • Steady airflow because of design

Customer Satisfaction

Given its use with large volumes of water, it is very effective to use and performs well. All the customers were satisfied with the sleek design and power it held.

Fluval Q5 Air Pump for Aquariums

Many people did complain that it makes noise and is not at all what the packaging promised.

But there is also a fix mentioned, it is to tighten the screw that holds everything on the back.

This is allegedly supposed to reduce the sound. Otherwise, there are not many other complaints.


Have an adjustable flow control. The product also has a two-year warranty.


Not easy to use, requires some setup. They only have two options in gallon they are able to work on. Is on the pricier side. And is also not the quietest fish tank pump out there.

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3. Mylivell Quietest Aquarium Air Pump


  • The unique new system makes it quieter
  • Compact design
  • Easy to setup due to simple design
  • Higher efficiency
  • Stronger air stone

Customer Satisfaction

With this most customers were happy with how quiet the pump was and how it performed in tanks of water with a volume of 40 gallons or more. They really were commending how quiet this pump was as compared to others.

Mylivell Quietest Aquarium Air Pump Ultra Silent High Energy Saving Oxygen Air Pump Aquarium for Fish Tank with Air Stone and Silicone Tube Black

But many customers were unsatisfied with the air stone that comes with the pump. People could look past that since the pump was still worth every penny.

They did not even complain about the price point since it is relatively on the higher side.


They provide a great quiet result. They have a strong air stone producing more bubbles. They have high efficiency. The length also allows for more versatile usage. The design is practice making setting it up to ease.


They only can work up to 40 gallons of water which is less than most products out there. It is slightly more expensive.

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The overall aquarium pump review shows us that the most useful pump at its price is the tetra whisper. It is a sleek and simple design that provides a range of gallons it will work on at a highly reasonable price. Although it is not quite it does perform very well in its area.

In the area of quietest air pumps review the best fish tank pump was the Mylivell. It has a unique system which keeps it heads and shoulders above its competition in the area of the quietness of the pump.

Since it does not provide usage on larger amounts of water it is quite expensive compared to others. Which is why it did not beat the tetra.