Blackwater Aquariums Guide

Many people are fond of keeping the Blackwater Aquariums or fish tank at home. Some people love to keep them while a few keep them due to their various benefits that you are might familiar with.

Different types, sizes, and shapes of tanks exist in the market, and you might have experienced a few of them, yet today I am going to tell you about an aquarium with which you might not be familiar.

Have you ever heard about the Blackwater aquarium? If yes, then you might be aware of its features, characteristics, etc.

but if no, then let me explain to you about blackwater aquarium in detail, so in the future, you might want to purchase it. Let’s proceed with it.

Blackwater Aquarium

First of all, let me explain to you what is Blackwater aquarium. It is a fish tank in which fishes are invisible due to darkness, and plants don’t grow or prosper in the tank.

Maybe it doesn’t make any sense to a few of you, yet it has various features and benefits that I am going to explain in this article. It doesn’t have a lot of purchase, yet it makes your aquarium look so beautiful and attractive.

If you know how to set up a blackwater aquarium beautifully, then it can enhance the beauty of that place where it will be placed.

It can likewise be valuable for the fish, particularly whenever trapped in the wild; being in a progressively typical habitat without brilliant lighting helps keep their feelings of anxiety down and can be essential when attempting to breed a few aquatic pets.

Blackwater Streams

Let’s have a brief discussion about Blackwater streams. Blackwater streams are those which are enriched with an extensive amount of wood or dead leaves in them.

Which discharge tannins in the water that turns the flow a darker shade. Fish living in these moderate moving streams are reasonable to keep in a blackwater tank.

Fish from the Asian or South American streams are well known with aquarium specialists, and advantage from living in a blackwater tank by improving their hues. 

Features of Blackwater Aquarium

Let me explain it’s importance by mentioning the features or characteristics of the Blackwater aquarium. The features incorporate:

  • It makes your aquarium look beautiful and delightful. It enhances the beauty of that place where you will place it if you set up a blackwater aquarium in the best and proper way.
  • Apart from beauty, it gives several health benefits that you might not be aware of. According to research, Tannic and humid acids are found in the black water, and both the minerals serve the properties of Antifungal. These properties play an essential role in healing your fishes from any infectious disease or skin problem real quick. In short, blackwater proves to be very helpful and obliged for your fishes.
  • The blackwater likewise contains heavy metals, and these metals help to decrease the amount of sodium, magnesium and potassium. We all know that these elements if found in an aquarium, may harm the fishes or your aquatic pets. It protects the fishes from getting harm.
  • The blackwater reduces the growth of algae. Algae usually generated due to waste and minerals present in the water. In pure aquariums, you need to do a lot of things to get rid of it. However, blackwater automatically reduces the growth of algae so that it won’t provide any harm to the aquatic pets. Apart from that, blackwater gives a natural look to the aquarium.
  • Setting up a blackwater aquarium gives you a new and beautiful experience. It provides a natural look, and it gives you an opportunity that you surely don’t wanna miss.

How to Setup Blackwater Aquarium

After reading all the features or benefits of the Blackwater aquarium, you might be thinking of purchasing. Let me explain to you a few steps through which you can set up this aquarium beautifully and correctly. The steps involve:

1- Chemistry of Water

The foremost thing that comes in setting up the black aquarium is to check and consider the chemistry of water. The blackwater consists of soft and acidic water.

Coordinating the natural pH of Blackwater Aquariums waterways and streams might be somewhat ridiculous, as it tends to be as low as 4.5, yet 7 or lower is a smart thought in a sense that you need to cause your fish and plants to feel at home.

If you want to give a blackwater look to your aquarium, you may provide it by adding a few things in the aquarium.

For blackwater, you need Indian Almond leaves, Driftwood, and alder cones. Boil the leaves and alder cones because after boiling, it turns into a blackwater extract. In this way, you can give your aquarium blackwater look.

2- Fishes or Species

The next thing that matters most is a careful selection of your fishes or aquatic pets that you want to keep in the aquarium.

Remember that you can’t prevent every type of fish in the blackwater aquarium. If you wish to proper guidance, then you may research what kinds of fish will best suitable for the blackwater aquarium.

If you are planning to keep a bunch of fishes in a single blackwater aquarium, then make sure about their compatibility.

Otherwise, you might suffer later. Moreover, keep those betta fishes in blackwater aquarium that prefers soft and acidic water. They will adjust correctly in such aquariums.

3- Plants and Decorations

he next thing is to set plants and decorations in the aquarium to make it look more beautiful and attractive as betta fish tan. We all know that arranging plants and other items gives a realistic look to the aquarium.

Now comes the selection of plants. We all know that plants need lightning to grow and expand, yet we are familiar with a fact that in blackwater, aquarium plants don’t grow because of darkness.

Make sure to purchase such plants who don’t require lightning because they are going to be in a dark place where there is no light.

Another essential thing that can’t be neglected is driftwood. Before setting up the tank, make sure to decide that what type of driftwood you need for the tank.

It is an essential thing for blackwater aquariums. Apart from that, you may also add leaves and alder cones for the decoration in the aquarium. 

Blackwater Tank Maintenance

Blackwater aquarium requires maintenance more often. You need to give special consideration to its cleaning to keep it tidy and germs free.

You need to change the water in the Blackwater Aquariums more often. It is expected to control the delicate water and acid pH. Little water changes won’t move the pH quickly, and the chances are that it can disturb your fish.

Blackwater tanks are alluring; however, they require more work and support to keep the tenants happy and stable.

Blackwater Fish

Let me mention a few names of fishes that will go best for a blackwater aquarium or fish tank. It incorporates Neon and Cardinal Tetras, Chili, Phoenix, Dwarf and Galaxy Rasboras, Licorice and Chocolate Gouramies, and Wild Bettas.

These are a list of few fishes that you may consider for a blackwater aquarium. They all don’t require hard work and extra attention. You will not find any difficulty in feeding them. You may also get an idea from the shop owner from where you will purchase them.

Faqs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are a few questions that are most asked by people. Let me answer a few of them.

Do Bettas like Blackwater?

Betta fishes can easily survive in the blackwater aquarium. There are a few bettas fishes that create blackwater conditions while a few not. However, it is completely fine to keep them in blackwater aquarium.

Are Tannins bad for the aquarium?

If we talk about the blackwater aquarium, then yes, it is terrible for them. Tannins exist in driftwood, and they likely to change the color of the water. It reduces the ph of water and makes it soft. There should not be any tannins in the aquarium.

What is Blackwater extract?

Blackwater extract is the best cleaner for the aquariums and proves to be very helpful for the fishes or aquatic pets. It consists of 3 essential things in it, including trace elements, vitamins, and extract of peat. It keeps the condition of water healthy, neat, and clean.

How often blackwater aquariums Require Maintenance?

It would help if you cleaned the blackwater aquarium more often as compared to other aquariums or fish tanks for plants and leave also. They need to be clean after almost two weeks.


Isn’t it one of the best and remarkable aquariums enriched with various benefits and features. If you already have an aquarium at home, then I recommend you to try a blackwater aquarium that will get you multiple benefits.

I have explained the features of the blackwater aquarium. Moreover, I have explained how you can set up the aquarium if you are a newbie.

I hope you will find this article helpful and informative. Go and experience a blackwater aquarium if you haven’t yet.

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