Kessil Ap700 Review – Best Light for Your Reef Tank

The trend of keeping aquariums at home or in offices is increasing with time. It is one of the beautiful addition to the place where you place it. We are giving here Kessil Ap700  review.

It gives another level of comfort and satisfaction to the body and soul. Aren’t you one of those who love to keep aquariums at home?

If yes, then you might be familiar with the reef aquarium or reef tank that also has a certain level of popularity.

What is Reef Tank

Let me explain to you a little bit about the reef tank or reef aquarium.

reef aquarium or reef tank refers to the marine aquarium that mainly exhibits live corals and other aquatic pets.

Including fish that play an essential role in maintaining and preserving the tropical coral reef environment and surrounding.

If you are already familiar with it, then you might know that the reef tank requires unique lightning along with other components.

In this article, I am going to cover one of the best lights for your reef tank that will give you various benefits and advantages. Let’s proceed with the topic.

Kessil LED Light

Let me explain to you about this incredible and fantastic light that is the best use for your reef aquariums or reef tanks.

The Kessil Ap700 designed with durable and excellent materials, and it is always the best option to purchase these lights for your aquariums. It enhances the beauty of your tank and is still worth buying.

If you have the experience of purchasing these lights, then you might know the importance of these lights, yet if you haven’t, then I am going to elaborate its importance by mentioning all the features, characteristics, and advantages that these lights provide. Let me explain them one by one in detail.

Advantages of Kessil LED Light

Let me explain all the benefits and features of Kessil LED light that enhances the beauty of your aquarium. The advantages incorporate:

1- It has Efficient Performance

If we talk about the performance of Kessil LED light, then it never fails to impress you. It comprises an advanced thermal system.

The heat management system assists in running the light for a long time without getting any damage. It has long durability that keeps on working effectively and efficiently.

Now you might be thinking about the electricity bill that might be double with these Kessil LED lights? Well, the corals lower the electricity bill and let you enjoy the beauty of these lights without any tension.

What else anyone wants to enjoy these beautiful lights without worry about the bill.

2- It has a beautiful Lights

The reef aquarium always requires and demands different and brilliant lights. If you have a reef aquarium at home, then there is nothing better than to cover it with beautiful and shimmering Kessil LED Lights. It is a full spectrum light that covers your whole aquarium and lightens your entire tank.

It has an 11.5-foot power cord from light to the power supply (a 5 ft cord & a 6.5 ft extension). The light comprises a 6-foot cord from power supply to a wall plug. Isn’t it great to purchase the lights that lighten your whole aquarium?

3- It has two years Warranty

Now comes one of the fantastic features that everyone looks for. Many people afraid to purchase a specific product that might result in defective.

But if you are having two years of warranty period then don’t you want to avail it? Kessil Ap700 Aquarium lights offer two years warranty. You can enjoy the two years of a period without getting worried about the defect or damage.

If any issue occurs within two years, then you will not give a single penny. Show them the warranty card, and the problem will solve at free of cost. I think it is one of the fantastic advantages that everyone demands.

4- It has wifi, Ipad App

Another best and remarkable power that make it worth purchasing and that enhances the importance is the availability of iPad app acclimation mode and wifi.

It has a compact design that can be utilized for any size of aquarium or a fish tank. Moreover, It is available in various colors; you may choose according to your requirements.

With this propelled advancement,Kessil Ap700 can structure an item that can work at high flows and put out the light that can successfully engage in the last pillars. At the same time, it is considered a lot cooler than other develop lights used for aquariums.

5- It has Long Duration

One of the main issue that everyone concern about is the duration of lights because after a few time some problem occurs, and it stops reflecting.

Another fantastic advantage it has is a long duration. Yes, it approximately has a life duration of 11 years that is more than enough.

After giving light for several years, they still light up the aquarium so beautifully and brightly that you can’t stop praising it. I think it is another fantastic advantage that makes it worth trying and worth purchasing.

Customer Satisfaction

Now comes the most important and essential point that refers to Customer satisfaction. If your customer is not satisfied with your product, that means you failed to impress them.

If we talk about the ratings of this light, then it got 4.3 stars out of 5 that reflects the satisfaction of a customer.

It promises and ensures customers to provide the best possible results without making them disappointed. Once you purchase it, you can’t stop yourself from recommending it to others.

Apart from that, its several advantages and features make it worth recommending and worth applauding. Once you got an experience to avail of the benefits of this light, you surely agree on the importance of this light.

Additional Information

If you are planning to avail its importance and benefits, then let me mention a few information about this product that you will purchase for your reef aquarium. It incorporates:

The Dimension of Product = 2.6*12.8*22.4 inches; 8 pounds

The Weight of Shipping = 9.4 pounds


Product Model Number = AP700

Power Supply = 100-240v ac (input)48v dc (output)

Features of Kessil LED light

Let me proceed with the importance of Kessil LED light by mentioning a few features that it provides to the customers. The features include:

  • The Kessil lights are packed with thickness and contains a characteristic of a high-power LED array that results in the eye-catching and attractive shimmery effect of metal halide lighting without the additional heat and power usage.
  • It enhances the beauty of your aquarium or a tank with its beautiful lights by consuming less electricity.
  • It is estimated that the lifetime period of these lights is 11 years that is huge. Moreover, there is a variety of Kessil LED lights, and you may choose according to your requirements.
  • All those who are concerned about the harmful effects caused by lED lights to fishes, it is entirely safe and sound to use these LED lights on the aquarium. It won’t hurt species.
  • Apart from its various features and advantages, it is entirely affordable. It is not expensive to buy these remarkable and beautiful lights for your reef tank.
  • One of the fantastic features that Kessil lights provide is the growth of plants. Yes, it helps to grow the plants of the aquarium in the best way. The growth of plants helps in generating oxygen that is good for your aquatic pets.

How to Clean Kessil LED Lights

Now comes another critical topic that depicts the cleanliness of Kessil Ap700. These lights need to be clean and tidy at least after a month. After cleaning them, they will give better results. Now you must be wondering about the procedure of making it clean.

Consistently, wipe the lights out altogether with packed air by blowing the lights out through the side vents. There is rubbing alcohol available in the market that you may use to clean the glass lens softly. It is one of the best ways to keep the lights clean without any damage.

Price of Kessil LED Lights

Now you might be curious about the cost of these useful and amazing Kessil Ap700 . I am going to mention a link that contains all the information regarding these lights, including price, advantages and product information, or how you may order it.

Through this Amazon link, you may avail all the benefits and advantages of Kessil LED light that is worth purchasing.

Final Thoughts

Now isn’t it one of the exceptional and phenomenal lights you have ever come across? Indeed yes, it is providing numerous advantages and benefits that you can’t find in a single product.

If you have a reef tank at your home, then you must be looking for the perfect light for your aquarium. It is great for your aquariums. Get this product here also on ebay.

I have mentioned all the advantages and characteristics that these lights provide to your aquarium or fishes. I think it is one of the worth trying and worth purchasing LED lights.

Go and try these beautiful lights for once. I hope you will find this article helpful and informative.

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